Saturday, March 5, 2011

Twice in a row!

Well, here we go. I posted last week and I'm posting again this week! I came in at 206lbs, which is half a pound down from last week. Not much of a change, but it's down and not up.

I'm trying really hard not to just comfort eat. I hope I don't give into that this week. One of my snakes died last night and we're not entirely sure why, seeing as the other one is completely fine. Nonetheless, it's really depressing. We've had them for two years now.

I totaled four and a quarter miles walked today to and from work. It would have been five had I actually walked the whole way to work the other day, but my sister saw me walking and picked me up.

Slowly getting some room in the living room, so hopefully we can get a Gazelle and get it all nice and set up. Then I won't really have to worry so much about exercise.

So, counting calories doesn't really work for me, it seems. It just ends up depressing me because when I meet my calories goals, I don't meet my nutritional goals in other ways. When I meet those, I either go way under or way over my calories and then I just get discouraged. I'm continuing to journal, not noting any of these things, just putting down what I'm eating, how much, and how often I eat. This is working pretty well.  I noticed I drink a bit too much soda, so I cut that down with some tea and flavored waters. I noticed I wasn't getting enough fruits or vegetables, so I started sneaking them in. Also, I've been eating WAY too much meat! So I started cutting down on that. When I just look at calories or nutrients by themselves, I don't care what it is I'm eating, as long as I meet those numbers. And that just doesn't work for me. It's why I yo-yo'd so much, I think, these past few months. And since I am an emotional eater and I have slight issues with binging and overeating, that wasn't at all good for me.

I've been sprucing up my room lately, so hopefully I'll have room to put my desk in soon. I might just break down and buy a new desk, though, since that one's so monstrously huge and I can't quite find the hardware for it., It's all in a labeled bag in the storage room, but...the storage room's a bit unorganized. Plus, as stated, that desk is just too big for my room. What I'm likely going to end up doing is buying a very small computer workstation and then buying a crafting table. That way I won't have room to collect cups of any sort on my desk and my crafting supplies will have a place and a home. I also need a smaller bed. This is all likely going to be bought before I fork over the cash for a new bike. I was going to get a bike instead of a car for now since work isn't that far away and neither is anything else I'd like to get to during the day when dad's at work. However, it's all farther than I'd like to walk. Walking just takes so long! It's not that it's tiring, it just takes forever for me to get to my destination. 

Anyhoo, I will make sure I come back next Saturday, at the least, and give an update on my weight.

Here are my updated measurements:
Bust 41inch
Waist 40.5inch
Hip 49inch

The numbers went up a bit since my last measurements posted, I'm sure, but they're lower than the last time I took them myself, which was about half a month to a month ago. What's weird is that my waist and bust are starting to become the same size! How did that happen? Anyway, at least my hips are going down in size, which is the hardest part of me to fit.

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