Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I didn't forget, I swear! Okay. I did. But I didn't fall off the wagon. I did still weigh myself and all that good stuff.

I weighed in at 210 pounds last Saturday, which means I lost a pound from my previous weigh in! Hooray! I'm not convinced of this yet, as I tend to lose and gain the same few pounds over and over, so until I get under that precious 205 mark right now, I'm going to be vary wary of what my scale says.

I've been eating a lot better recently. I gave up eating the fries and have been eating a lot of rice and veggies lately. I've also been going crazy over this fat free yogurt at the market. It's really delicious and I can get it in a bunch of different flavors, which makes me really happy. It's La Yogurt and if you can get a hold of it, then go for it! I've been averaging about two of them a day, which is surprising for me.

It's been sooo hot lately, but I've been keeping up with my DDR playing. I'm unemployed, so currently I don't go to a gym. Until I get a job, I'm going to be sticking to things I can do in the comfort of my air conditioned game room, which means DDR and work out videos. At least I'm not just sitting around and doing nothing all day. Eating better helps, but I won't get far without moving around.

My measurements this week are as follows:
Waist: 41
Hips: 51
Thigh: 23
Upper Arm: 11
Ribcage: 39.5
Bust: 44

I guess I did measure correctly, as my waist is still where it was last week, and I lost half an inch on my hips. My bust also went down a little.

I'll make sure to update again soon on what I've been eating and doing to exercise, as long as it's interesting and all. I don't want to bore my one or two readers all that much.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Weigh in number one

So. Saturday is my weigh in day. Which means I weighed in today.

I gained a pound and a half, which puts me at 211lbs.

yeah, I'm disappointed. But I'm not surprised, which is what makes it worse. I probably won't do much better next Saturday, considering I've been eating a lot of my comfort foods. Gravy fries and scones are very prevalent right now. I'm trying not to, but the hard part is actually stopping.

I'm bummed, but what can I do about it NOW other than just try harder tomorrow? Not much of anything. And I refuse to wallow.

My measurements are:
Hips: 51.5
Neck: 13
Thigh: 23
Calf: 16
Upper Arm: 11
Ribcage: 39.5
Bust: 45

Pretty much the same. But it seems I went down an inch in my waist? This doesn't seem right. I don't think I'm measuring properly.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Update on Brummel & Brown

I posted before about how Brummel & Brown spreads are tasty and pretty low cal in comparison to a lot of other things you could be slathering all over bread. My one concern was that they were made with hydrogenated oils. Well, that's no longer a concern! Their ingredients lists currently no longer have hydrogenated oils in them! Once I get a job, I'm going to be buying a tub of the flavored and of the plain and replacing my normal spreads with them.

On the subject of putting things on toast, Peanut Butter & Co ( Http://www.ilovepeanutbutter.com ) release these fantastic flavored peanut butters. They're not full of really awful things and they're not that bad for you in moderation. And because the flavors are so intense, I have no problem settling for their single serving of 2 tbls. My favorites are the Dark Chocolate Dream and the Mighty Maple. Both go pretty great with apples and on toast. The Dark Chocolate is really fantastic on strawberries. Currently we get them on discount around my house because our local Ocean State Job Lot sells them for about $3 a pop. They're normally about $4 or $5 each. I also picked up some no sugar added preserves and jams to go with them.

Also, one of my favorite breakfasts (again speaking of toast!) is a fried egg, cooked over medium, spread over a piece of toast and then topped with another piece of toast. Pretty awesome, really! Especially if you put a slice or two of bacon in there. Very, very filling and satisfying.

This has got to end!

It's been months, yet again, since I last posted in this damned blog! I have to stop neglecting this because when I neglect this blog, I neglect myself. I'm not holding myself accountable for anything at the moment because I just keep sitting around and waiting for it all to kick me into gear and for me to realize that I should do something. As if I didn't already know I have to DO SOMETHING.

I'll make myself post here at least once a week, but I'm going to try and aim for more. The more I do, the more I'll think about what it is I'm doing here and where I'm going. This will focus mainly on my trying to lose weight, but I'll also talk about other things in my life. Because ultimately, the others things that affect my mood end up affecting my ability to 'care' about losing weight. Hopefully, I won't stop caring ever again, at least not for longer than a period of a day, at any rate.

So. Current measurements and weight and BMI:
WEIGHT: 209.5
BMI: 38.3
MEASUREMENTS (in inches):
Hips: 51.5
Neck: 13
Thigh: 23
Calf: 16
Upper Arm: 11
Ribcage: 40
Bust: 45

List of goals and how I plan on rewarding myself:

WEIGHT GOALS (and rewards for reaching each)[Dates achieved]:

Get to 205lbs (Spend a whole day just playing sit down video games)[]
Get to 200lbs (Spend a whole day just drawing and or reading by myself)[]
Get to 195lbs (McDonald's Sundae, plain.)[] (I'm fully aware that I shouldn't reward myself with food, but I never get these and I figured the 150 calorie cup wouldn't fucking hurt me)
Get to 190lbs (DDR Mat)[]
Get to 185lbs (New Tarot deck)[]
Get to 180lbs (Samanosuke and Kaede)[]
Get to 175lbs (Buy a nice new sketchbook)[]
Get to 170lbs (Onimusha controller)[]
Get to 165lbs (Spend a whole day just playing Onimusha)[]
Get to 160lbs (no longer obese) (Bodyline Spree)[]
Get to 155lbs (New GBASP and some games)[]
Get to 150lbs (Avon spree)[]
Get to 145lbs (Bobobie purchase)[]
Get to 140lbs (new PS2 or Wii game or three CDs of choice)[]
Get to 135lbs(no longer overweight) (A small set of Prismacolor markers or pencils or pens)[]
Get to 130lbs (PSP)[]
Get to 125lbs (Angelic Pretty purchase through Celga)[]
Get to 120lbs (Iplehouse purchase)[]
Get to 115lbs (Dollmore purchase)[]
Get to 110lbs GOAL (QutieLand purchase)[]