Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This has got to end!

It's been months, yet again, since I last posted in this damned blog! I have to stop neglecting this because when I neglect this blog, I neglect myself. I'm not holding myself accountable for anything at the moment because I just keep sitting around and waiting for it all to kick me into gear and for me to realize that I should do something. As if I didn't already know I have to DO SOMETHING.

I'll make myself post here at least once a week, but I'm going to try and aim for more. The more I do, the more I'll think about what it is I'm doing here and where I'm going. This will focus mainly on my trying to lose weight, but I'll also talk about other things in my life. Because ultimately, the others things that affect my mood end up affecting my ability to 'care' about losing weight. Hopefully, I won't stop caring ever again, at least not for longer than a period of a day, at any rate.

So. Current measurements and weight and BMI:
WEIGHT: 209.5
BMI: 38.3
MEASUREMENTS (in inches):
Hips: 51.5
Neck: 13
Thigh: 23
Calf: 16
Upper Arm: 11
Ribcage: 40
Bust: 45

List of goals and how I plan on rewarding myself:

WEIGHT GOALS (and rewards for reaching each)[Dates achieved]:

Get to 205lbs (Spend a whole day just playing sit down video games)[]
Get to 200lbs (Spend a whole day just drawing and or reading by myself)[]
Get to 195lbs (McDonald's Sundae, plain.)[] (I'm fully aware that I shouldn't reward myself with food, but I never get these and I figured the 150 calorie cup wouldn't fucking hurt me)
Get to 190lbs (DDR Mat)[]
Get to 185lbs (New Tarot deck)[]
Get to 180lbs (Samanosuke and Kaede)[]
Get to 175lbs (Buy a nice new sketchbook)[]
Get to 170lbs (Onimusha controller)[]
Get to 165lbs (Spend a whole day just playing Onimusha)[]
Get to 160lbs (no longer obese) (Bodyline Spree)[]
Get to 155lbs (New GBASP and some games)[]
Get to 150lbs (Avon spree)[]
Get to 145lbs (Bobobie purchase)[]
Get to 140lbs (new PS2 or Wii game or three CDs of choice)[]
Get to 135lbs(no longer overweight) (A small set of Prismacolor markers or pencils or pens)[]
Get to 130lbs (PSP)[]
Get to 125lbs (Angelic Pretty purchase through Celga)[]
Get to 120lbs (Iplehouse purchase)[]
Get to 115lbs (Dollmore purchase)[]
Get to 110lbs GOAL (QutieLand purchase)[]


Lilies in my Cereal said...

you know i got a ddr mat with a game for $20 from sears and it wasn't on sale... it's not one of the hard mats but it works well enough.

Astrid said...

We've gotten a few of those but the Red Octane is a lot easier on your feet. I play DDR at least two to three hours a day on a good day, so the thin plastic ones end up wearing on my feet a lot. The thin foam ones just feel creepy to me, but after I tried my friend's hard foam one, I decided I really wanted one. I could play DDR for hours and it wouldn't hurt the soles of my feet. The only thing that worries me is that it's about two feet off the ground and I'm kind of klutzy. Haha.

Astrid said...

Woah. Two inches, not feet. Oops.