Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Update on Brummel & Brown

I posted before about how Brummel & Brown spreads are tasty and pretty low cal in comparison to a lot of other things you could be slathering all over bread. My one concern was that they were made with hydrogenated oils. Well, that's no longer a concern! Their ingredients lists currently no longer have hydrogenated oils in them! Once I get a job, I'm going to be buying a tub of the flavored and of the plain and replacing my normal spreads with them.

On the subject of putting things on toast, Peanut Butter & Co ( Http:// ) release these fantastic flavored peanut butters. They're not full of really awful things and they're not that bad for you in moderation. And because the flavors are so intense, I have no problem settling for their single serving of 2 tbls. My favorites are the Dark Chocolate Dream and the Mighty Maple. Both go pretty great with apples and on toast. The Dark Chocolate is really fantastic on strawberries. Currently we get them on discount around my house because our local Ocean State Job Lot sells them for about $3 a pop. They're normally about $4 or $5 each. I also picked up some no sugar added preserves and jams to go with them.

Also, one of my favorite breakfasts (again speaking of toast!) is a fried egg, cooked over medium, spread over a piece of toast and then topped with another piece of toast. Pretty awesome, really! Especially if you put a slice or two of bacon in there. Very, very filling and satisfying.

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