Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I didn't forget, I swear! Okay. I did. But I didn't fall off the wagon. I did still weigh myself and all that good stuff.

I weighed in at 210 pounds last Saturday, which means I lost a pound from my previous weigh in! Hooray! I'm not convinced of this yet, as I tend to lose and gain the same few pounds over and over, so until I get under that precious 205 mark right now, I'm going to be vary wary of what my scale says.

I've been eating a lot better recently. I gave up eating the fries and have been eating a lot of rice and veggies lately. I've also been going crazy over this fat free yogurt at the market. It's really delicious and I can get it in a bunch of different flavors, which makes me really happy. It's La Yogurt and if you can get a hold of it, then go for it! I've been averaging about two of them a day, which is surprising for me.

It's been sooo hot lately, but I've been keeping up with my DDR playing. I'm unemployed, so currently I don't go to a gym. Until I get a job, I'm going to be sticking to things I can do in the comfort of my air conditioned game room, which means DDR and work out videos. At least I'm not just sitting around and doing nothing all day. Eating better helps, but I won't get far without moving around.

My measurements this week are as follows:
Waist: 41
Hips: 51
Thigh: 23
Upper Arm: 11
Ribcage: 39.5
Bust: 44

I guess I did measure correctly, as my waist is still where it was last week, and I lost half an inch on my hips. My bust also went down a little.

I'll make sure to update again soon on what I've been eating and doing to exercise, as long as it's interesting and all. I don't want to bore my one or two readers all that much.

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