Saturday, August 28, 2010

So, my roommate asked me what I'm planning on doing to help myself lose weight since I can't go to a gym right now. Of course she said this was aside from not shoveling all the food I see in front of me down my throat. Sure, that's helped, but there are also other things I've been doing.

Surprisingly, keeping up on the chores has made me feel like I'm doing something at least mildly active. I take care of two of the three stories of my household, so there's a lot of running up and down the stairs to do cleaning. Vaccuuming involves bringing the vaccuum up all three flights of stairs and then bringing it back down again, dusting involves the same, since I share a can with my dad. I'm basically running like around at least three times a week trying to get things done.

Other things? I've cut down my soda to one can/serving per day, MAX. I'm trying to make this three per week (max), but I love soda so this is difficult. Once I get through the caffeinated stuff, I'm going to make it strictly be non-caffeinated sodas. I don't drink diet, however, because the aspartame makes me a little whoogey, I've noticed. I will drink the diet sodas made with sucralose, though. The reason I'm sticking to non-caffeinated is because the caffeine in soda (and coffee) makes me horribly ill. Really. REally. Ill. My other drinks consist of flavored and plain water (sucralose preferred, but they don't have enough aspartame to set me off if they have the dreaded stuff), unsweetened and sweetened (with sucralose) teas, and decaf coffee sweetened with sucralose or creamer (I love those sugary sweet creamers, so that's a bunch of calories, but frankly I barely ever drink coffee, so I don't think this is a bad thing).

I've cut down on my friends foods to just light pan frying. French fries make me ill unless they're oven baked, and so do onion rings. My stomach's really become sensitive to oil and grease, so if I pump the amount into it that I used to, I end up nauseas. This is pretty helpful in making me stay away from the stuff.

My favorite flavored waters are:
Propel (only have had the berry flavor so far, but it's awesome...AND made with sucralose!)
Lipton Peach Green Tea (when fresh, it doesn't clump so much, but when it's not...uuugh. Also sucralose)
Lipton Green Tea (same)
Lipton Iced Tea (same)
Wyler's Light Ice Raspberry (Aspartame, but it tastes great despite that nasty sweetener.)
Wyler's Light Pink Lemonade (Asperame, etc.)
That one grapefruit one I can't find anymore. It was made with aspartame, but it tasted exactly like grapefruit juice! It was AWESOME. However, I couldn't drink it on an empty stomach. The only time I did, I ended up vomitting from the overdose of acid.

I did weigh in today, because it's a Saturday. I'm going to be weighing in every week and I WILL be posting here every Saturday. I know, I know. I say it all the time. I say a lot of pretty things all the time. But I've put reminders on my phone AND on my calender so that I won't forget.

My current weight?
210lbs EVEN.

Awesome! I've never been so happy to see 210 on the scale before. Why? Because I capped out around 215 when I was on that depressed binge of mine and seeing a 210 is fantastic. That's five pounds I no longer have and I hope soon that I can take another five pounds off.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So, now that I'm feeling much better, I've also been doing much better! The chores are getting done, my eating has gotten better and I even started cooking dinner again. The roommate stopped bringing dinner home from work at my request, and also at her realization at how hideously bad the food there is and we've stopped eating fast food so much. I've made dinner for the past few days and I'm trying to figure out what to make tonight when she gets home from work.

As per suggestion, I haven't been weighing myself lately. I've just been trying to get everything under control. I did measure myself recently, though, because I was looknig at clothing on Bodyline. I need a blouse to go with the JSK I just recently finished. Though I really should have taken it in, because I initially made it a year ago. I just finished by putting trim on it.

My measurements are as follows: 44'' bust, 40'' waist, and 50'' hips. I lost an inch off my waist and my hips, which is pretty awesome! I can also fit in the larger sizes at Bodyline, which is also pretty awesome.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Over a week. Why is that? Honestly, I'm surprised I even got out of bed today. Emotionally, I've been a complete and total wreck. My eating has been...interesting. Some days, I don't eat anything. Other days, all I eat are my comfort foods, but I don't go overboard. Yesterday, I happily ate everything and anything offered tome and it didn't make me physically feel any different before or after I ate any of it.

Yesterday involved me eating a few snack bags of..whatever N threw at me in the car. And then the trip to McDonald's where M bought me just about anything I wanted that could be afforded. And then I came home and had bread and peanut butter.

And today, I've had bread and peanut butter. Though I managed to stop at three slices of bread and two servings of the peanut butter. So, I guess that's a step in the right direction. Emotionally, I'm still wrecked. But I'm trying really hard to keep myself in check and not wreck up myself physically.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oh look at this. I was doing so well! Well, it couldn't really last, could it? Haha. No, really. I should work on keeping this up more often.

So, I did not weigh myself this week. I frankly kind of really forgot. I did weigh last week and came in at 214. Fantastic.

Really. Amazing.


I can attribute this to a few things. I've been eating a good amount of fast food lately, and I need to stop it. Also, my roommate has been bringing leftovers from work almost daily. She always brings a full portion that we share, so at least it's not a full portion I eat myself. Thank god, however, that they introduced a new under 500 cal per meal line. She says she'll be bringing that for us to share from now on. It's salmon with vegetables and it's delicious. To top it off, however, I haven't been doing any exercise aside from cleaning. Hopefully, this can change soon, since my top to bottom clean of the house is over. I'm just too exhausted mentally and physically to do much else after I've been cleaning that much.

Well, the game room is still a wreck, which means my cleaning isn't over. I need to clean that room, anyway, if I want to work out, so I guess it'll get done soon after I relax a bit from all of the cleaning and running up and down the stairs I've been doing thanks to do. Also, hopefully, I'll have a new job soon and that'll also get me off my butt all day.