Thursday, August 19, 2010

Over a week. Why is that? Honestly, I'm surprised I even got out of bed today. Emotionally, I've been a complete and total wreck. My eating has been...interesting. Some days, I don't eat anything. Other days, all I eat are my comfort foods, but I don't go overboard. Yesterday, I happily ate everything and anything offered tome and it didn't make me physically feel any different before or after I ate any of it.

Yesterday involved me eating a few snack bags of..whatever N threw at me in the car. And then the trip to McDonald's where M bought me just about anything I wanted that could be afforded. And then I came home and had bread and peanut butter.

And today, I've had bread and peanut butter. Though I managed to stop at three slices of bread and two servings of the peanut butter. So, I guess that's a step in the right direction. Emotionally, I'm still wrecked. But I'm trying really hard to keep myself in check and not wreck up myself physically.

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Lilies in my Cereal said...

It's good to make strides just remember why you are doing it. If it doesn't make you happy to rationalize everything you eat maybe you shouldn't worry so much? Be careful and safe. I think I would suggest eating the healthy foods for a while and just not weigh yourself.