Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oh look at this. I was doing so well! Well, it couldn't really last, could it? Haha. No, really. I should work on keeping this up more often.

So, I did not weigh myself this week. I frankly kind of really forgot. I did weigh last week and came in at 214. Fantastic.

Really. Amazing.


I can attribute this to a few things. I've been eating a good amount of fast food lately, and I need to stop it. Also, my roommate has been bringing leftovers from work almost daily. She always brings a full portion that we share, so at least it's not a full portion I eat myself. Thank god, however, that they introduced a new under 500 cal per meal line. She says she'll be bringing that for us to share from now on. It's salmon with vegetables and it's delicious. To top it off, however, I haven't been doing any exercise aside from cleaning. Hopefully, this can change soon, since my top to bottom clean of the house is over. I'm just too exhausted mentally and physically to do much else after I've been cleaning that much.

Well, the game room is still a wreck, which means my cleaning isn't over. I need to clean that room, anyway, if I want to work out, so I guess it'll get done soon after I relax a bit from all of the cleaning and running up and down the stairs I've been doing thanks to do. Also, hopefully, I'll have a new job soon and that'll also get me off my butt all day.

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