Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So, now that I'm feeling much better, I've also been doing much better! The chores are getting done, my eating has gotten better and I even started cooking dinner again. The roommate stopped bringing dinner home from work at my request, and also at her realization at how hideously bad the food there is and we've stopped eating fast food so much. I've made dinner for the past few days and I'm trying to figure out what to make tonight when she gets home from work.

As per suggestion, I haven't been weighing myself lately. I've just been trying to get everything under control. I did measure myself recently, though, because I was looknig at clothing on Bodyline. I need a blouse to go with the JSK I just recently finished. Though I really should have taken it in, because I initially made it a year ago. I just finished by putting trim on it.

My measurements are as follows: 44'' bust, 40'' waist, and 50'' hips. I lost an inch off my waist and my hips, which is pretty awesome! I can also fit in the larger sizes at Bodyline, which is also pretty awesome.

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