Saturday, May 7, 2011

Weigh in, May 7th plus some confessions

Today I came in at 199lbs. 199lbs. I cannot describe how happy, how amazed I was to see this number. And how absolutely relieved. It's a new decade and I plan on going down into another new one, one I haven't been in a long, long time. I don't ever want to be 200lbs+ again and I'm going to work on seeing it doesn't happen.

My first weigh in in April (on the 2nd), I came in at 205lbs. That means I lost SIX POUNDS in the month of April. SIX. POUNDS. I GAINED a pound from March to April, so this is more than just progress. This is really, really making me hopeful I can see my  goal numbers soon. This is making me hopeful I'll be in the 180's by my 21st birthday, maybe even lower! I would love to be 175lbs on my birthday. I haven't been that weight since I was 12, about nine years ago. It would be monumental for me.

Now for the confessions and why I was so relieved to see a loss of a pound, much less any loss at all. Thursday was a very, very bad eating day. Let me tell you what I ate in all of the gorey details:

-A whole brownie (3x3inches) with chocolate chips in it. My manager cut a few too many brownies by 'accident' and she divided them up between me, her, and another cook that was in the room. Actually, to be fair, he swiped his own brownie when she wasn't looking. Not that she cared.
-Half of a cookie. It was a broken cookie we couldn't serve, to my manager and I shared it.
-Half of a taco (tortilla, meat, cheese, sour cream full fat). One of the line cooks tried one of our Cinco de Mayo tacos, hated it, and cut it in half. He offered it to me because I said I liked tacos. I ate it.
-A full taco (meat, tortilla, cheese, beans, sour cream, salsa). I was 'hungry'. Actually, I just really wanted that damn taco.
-Two servings of chicken tenders (about ten pieces). Another line cook screwed up. Badly. He made about four extra servings of chicken tenders that we couldn't serve. Me, the other prep cook, my manager, and some waitresses all got to eat them. I ate a piece every time I got a SIP of my drink. Uuugh.
-Three bowls of cereal once I got home. One of them was Honey Nut Cheerioes, the other two were Apple Jacks. With whole milk (which I don't usually drink, but it was all we had).

Needless to say, Thursday was a bit of a complete and utter disaster. Completely. Yesterday only went marginally better. I didn't eat in such vast quantities and didn't eat such crap, but I only ate ONCE. Uugh. My roommate and I went to a Polish restaurant I LOVE that he had never been to. I had a kielbasa, a golabki, a cup of kapusta, some of his salad (he hates salad), two potato and cheese pierogies, a pizza pierogi, a chourcio pierogi, and two strawberry dessert piergoies with a scoop of icecream. He tried to get me to try his rum raisin pierogi and I refused. Ewwww rum.

I had a fairly large dinner, but I'm angry at myself for eating only once. I haven't been eating any kind of breakfast lately because I don't wake up hungry at all most days and other days, I've been walking up really late so I end up rushing out of the house last minute.

Today I hope to eat more than once. I'm hungry right now, so I'm going to end up scrounging around for food. We don't really have much and can't really cook anything right now. Our kitchen sink is broken, so we can't wash anything if we dirty it. Eeeew.

I think I have some canned soup I can microwave and eat for brunch and lunch (a whole can is way too much for me. They're huge!).

I also have some cleaning and such to do today. I'm going to fit in some Just Dance and maybe a little more today, too. I want to up my exercise minutes.

Here's to hoping today we all have good days! In the general sense and not just the health and weight loss sense. =)

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