Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Food and Drink and some misc.

Breakfast ; two slices of whole grain wheat toast, 2 tbls peach preserves, 2 tbls natural peanut butter, 2 cups chocolate milk, a yogurt.

Snack ; two slices whole grain wheat toast, 1 tbls peach preserves, 1 tbls natural peanut butter, 1 yogurt, 1 can Mr. Brown

Lunch ; two bowls miso soup (see below), two cups orange drink

So, this morning, I woke up somewhat on time and got some food into me before getting to work. I tried to eat a bit heavy this morning since I knew I wouldn't have time to eat at work and wouldn't be home until about four. Breakfast was at about 8am. Work went well enough, I stuck to water all day as a drink, didn't eat anything at work per usual. I don't really nibble on anything there anymore, either.

Got home and instantly made a snack, as I knew better than to not eat. I know I said no caffeine, but I seem to be terrible at controlling myself whenever Prince T isn't around. He isn't here? I drink caffeine. He is? I go for things without. I should probably talk to him about this and see if we can figure something out on how to help me control myself a bit more.

Now, the miso soup. Basically, I took a big pot and put 4 cups of water in it. In went some white miso, a lot of red miso, some dashi, some tofu, some carrots, mushrooms, some halibut, some somen noodles, a little sesame oil, some daikon radish, spinach, and nori. I had a heaping bowl and then another half bowl of this. There's still some left and I'll have the rest of it for dinner tonight with the left over tempura from last night.

I think tomorrow I'll make some pho' when I get home from work instead of miso. We'll see how I feel.

I do have pictures of the soup and I'll post them this weekend, likely, when I'm off work.

Yeah, dinner will definitely be the left over soup with some warmed up tempura from last night. I think I'll add more somen to the soup, as I ate most of it earlier. I'll probably have an ice cream cupcake for dessert, as they've been calling me all day and I love them.

Made an order on Bodyline last night for some new clothing. I'm hoping to transition to wearing lolita 60-90% of the time, depending on weather and what I have in my closet when this stuff comes in. In total, when I get this package, I'll have in my closet:
Two dresses
Six skirts
Five blouses
Three pairs of socks
Three pairs of shoes
Two purses
Two petticoats
Assorted accessories (necklaces, earrings, bracelets, head accessories)
A winter coat
A fall coat
Two boleros

This seems like a pretty good wardrobe for me for the moment and enough to do this as full time as I really want.

Of course, one of my shirts and one of my boleros needs to be repaired. Haha. I should get onto M about this. I especially want the bolero repaired, as it's starting to get a tiiiny bit cooler some days. And the one shirt, since it's long sleeved.

I absolutely love one of my pairs of Bodyline shoes. They're enamel white with bows on them and a four inch heel (two inch platform, so my foot isn't arched all that much). The hilarious part is that Prince T still towers over me when I wear these. I don't even really reach his chin in these shoes. I guess that's what happens when you're 5'2''. I'm hoping that the new shoes I got in will replace the white ones as my favorites. They're pink with bows all over them. Very cute.

I'll be sure to post photos if I get any taken. M likes taking pictures of me in my lolita, especially for K back in Illinois who's always curious to see how I look in my new stuff. And Prince T is usually a good sport and will pose with me.


Lilies in my Cereal said...

We are the same height!! I really would like to order shoes from bodyline. I wish they had the ruffly rocking horse shoe because that's the one I really want!! Your wardrobe sounds awesome!

I wanted to show you an example of my lolita: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v298/lemonadedrink/Mobile%20Uploads/110729_083804.jpg

Astrid said...

Are we really? Yay! I'm not the only shorty mcshortface! Haha. Prince T is, like, 6'2'' or so, so not even my lolita shoes can give me height on him. Unlike with M, where I'm his height or taller than him in my lolita.

Aww! That's so damn cute! Where did you get that skirt? I looove it! Bought or made? M made me the white skirt in the photo I posted the other day.


Not at all a flattering picture of me, but to be fair, M just kind of snuck up on me and I didn't feel like moving. That's pretty much my favorite outfit. Bodyline dress, shoes, stockings, and bag. THe bolero's actually from Dots and the headband from Claire's.

Lilies in my Cereal said...

Cute!!! I don't know why you would put yourself down!!!! I make all my lolita skirts lol. It's a lazy lolita pleated skirt and I sewed pearls all along the bottom. I like how your skirt has more pattern!

Astrid said...

Ee! I'm so envious of people that can sew! Here's a secret M told me; most lolita skirts are really easy and lazy. The white one he made me literally took him about a half hour to make. I'd love to see more of the ones you've made, if you have pictures. =)