Monday, July 26, 2010

Late again! Per usual.

I'm back up, and not only that, but I'm at 213lbs this week. I don't know what I managed to do here. I've been working out, I haven't been eating that badly, and I've not been sitting around all day. I don't know what it is I'm doing wrong or what I'm just plain not doing? I've been keeping up with my SparkPeople and everything. I haven't gone over on calories or fat or carbs or anything I can think of.

Maybe my body's just getting used to being taken care of right again. I'll keep think of it that way for a few more weeks and if nothing gets better, then I'm definitely going to have to change my approach. The thing is that I haven't felt any bigger lately, but instead have felt lighter and better about myself. I didn't take any measurements last week or this week because I plan on changing that to measurements every month.

On Saturday, I spent the day in Providence walking around for a few hours. It was pretty fun, getting to window shop in the Providence Place Mall. Maybe next time I go, I'll actually be able to buy something. I saw a beautiful tea set in the Teavana that I want for my parlour when I move into my own home. It was a gorgeous china teaset painted with light pink roses. It was a pot with four cups and matching saucers. So pretty! But it was $100. I'm fully willing to pay that much for my dream tea set! When I actually have the money.

I saw a lot of clothing I could modify into casual lolita clothing and I'm hoping to go back with some money and buy them. The modifications would be simple and really inexpensive and then I'd have quite a few cutsews in my wardrobe.

This weekend, on my roommate's day off, we plan on heading into the downtown and shopping around the small boutiques and shops there. When I say shopping, I mean looking around and not buying anything. There are few antique stores down there that specialize in Victorian antiques and I can't wait to look through them and get a better visualization of what I want for our house when we finally move. Hopefully I can get a job soon because that'll bring that house that much closer to me.

I hope I'll remember to post again in a few days, or at least post on time on Saturday with my, hopefully, updated lighter weight!


Lilies in my Cereal said...

You like lolita fashion too!!! I went to an anime covention (in my beginner version of lolita)(I like sweet lolita but I guess I should create something like vegetable lolita lol).. So cool! and that is also interesting that I've been looking for tea sets after going to museums and seeing them! Just be patient. One thing I'm learning from all these weightloss books I've been reading (fiction and nonfiction) is that you must not give up!

Astrid said...

I love lolita. I'm a lifestyle lolita and am working on adding my wardrobe. It's nice to see another loli hanging around! I'm mostly a classic lolita, but I also like wearing sweet, pirate, and qi. Old teasets are just so beautiful! I wish I could buy all of the ones I've seen over the years. Ahaha. Unfortunately, I don't think I even know anyone with that kind of money to just drop of teasets well over $100 each. I've been trying to keep my mood up and not give up, like you said, especially after reading some blogs. Those usually make me feel better, seeing what I can accomplish if I just stick to it.