Thursday, July 29, 2010

What's this? A post before Saturday (or after that post is late)? Yes, really!

I walked today for about a half hour. That isn't a lot, I know, but it's a lot more than I have been walking lately. At least outside the setting of a mall, anyway. I walked my friend to the halfway point before her busstop. Maybe next time I'll actually make it the whole way there before knowuing I'll have to turn back. I just didn't want to wear myself out before I even got back home. I think next time I'll try and get to the three fourth's mark. She offers me lunch, which comes with an ice cold water, and that's incentive enough to walk in this heat for me! Plus, I like walking around with her. It reminds me of being back in Illinois when we had no car and had to walk everywhere.

I'm mostly just hoping I can keep this up, along with all of the DDR I've been playing, and that it'll start to make a difference. Of course, I'm also trying to watch my eating as much as possible. I won't lie and tell you I don't eat fast food or that I don't eat sweets. I do. I especially eat quite a bit of fast food because I don't have my own money at the moment and my friends buy me some food when we go out shopping or just hanging out. Of course, I try to make the best option possible of the cheapest options on the menu.

I'm hoping it's nice like this tomorrow. It wasn't too warm out and that's what has been stopping from walking too much lately. I'm afraid of getitng dizzy and passing out, as has happened to me before. If it's nice like this, then I'll definitely be walking downtown tomorrow with my roommate. We need to get her a monthly bus pass to make taking the bus to work cheaper for her. We were also going to look at the small stores downtown and check out the museums and see if any had cheap addmissions we could afford for another day.

This Saturday, if today was any indication, there should be a post from me! Hopefully we'll see a number under 213.


Lilies in my Cereal said...

Walking is great! Any amount of walking I think is better than none, and do you track your calories burned in workout mode?... I used it the last time I played ddr and it made me motivated to continue. Hey, there is this book, "Eat this, not that"-- the 2010 edition that tells you the best choices from some fast food restaurants. You should get a peek if you can so you can make the best possible choices for you!

Astrid said...

I have a heart rate monitor that I use when I play any workout like games. When I can't find it, as I'm kind of ditzy sometimes, I do use the workout mode that comes with most of the DDR games. It's pretty accurate, so I have no problems with it.

And I LOVE Eat This, Not That. A lot of what they have to say is just fantastic. I especially love the article written about drinks and appetizers. Makes you think a lot!