Sunday, October 10, 2010

So I finally got off my big butt and joined the gym the other day. I went for the first time with my roommate last night after she got off work. We spent the whole time in the women's room, which was small, well lit, comfortable, had a TV you could actually hear, and had the two machines I really cared about and the one she cared about. It also had some weights, but neither of us are getting into that quite so soon.

It felt pretty good to finally get some good, solid exercise in. I did a half hour on the spin bike and about ten minutes on the elliptical machine. I don't thinkt hat's so bad for my first real journey into the gym in a few years. I'm going again tonight after I pick Mik up from work and we're going to do maybe the same, if not a little bit more, this time around. I think I'll start with the elliptical machine this time and end with the bike. If I'm not too tired after this (hopefully, an hour of work), I'll go out into the main room and see if I can get my butt onto a treadmill. I doubt this will happen so soon, but I'm trying to set little mini goals for myself. My first mini goal is to be able to do half an hour on both the ellptical machine and the spin bike. I then want to add a half hour on the treadmill. Once I get this done, I might add that other, more complicated looking elliptical machine to the routine, depending on how much of a workout I'm getting from the three other machines.

This is going to take a while to work up to and I know it. And I don't want to just being doing workouts that aren't doing much for me, either. I want to build up to be able to handle higher resistance and angles on the machines so that the workouts, though they'll stay at half an hour per machine, will be good and intensive. At the same time, I'm not going to work myself to death. I stretch before hand, and I always make sure to stop before I get too tired or exhausted. I know my limits so far. Hopefully I can increase them.

And hopefully this means when I weigh in this Friday (currently weighing in on Fridays because of my work schedule), I'll have a loss to report, or at least a better feeling of fitness and wellness to report.

Once I get into better shape, I hope to join a spinning class and a yoga class at work. Right now, I want to work on stamina and getting my general fitness up before I add in the classes.


Lilies in my Cereal said...

Yay! This sounds like fun and it's great that you have a good workout partner. The elliptical can be a fun machine and bikes definitely are. Eventually I want a treadmill but not until I can devote a whole room to exercise equipment. I hope your weigh in goes well! :)

Michaelis said...

I'm really proud of your progress thus far.