Saturday, April 30, 2011


I had this whole spiel I was going to write about that was supposed to be great and nice and all of that. But halfway through typing it out, I got bored with it and said no one wants to read this drabble.

So, I'll just give some updates:

-I'm not sick anymore. Yay!
-Came in at 200lbs this morning. Which means not only did the loss from last week stick, I lost another pound. Double yay!
-I've been walking a bit more (or trying to push myself to walk more at any rate).

So, I also took my measurements this morning. I'm actually quite obsessive about keeping on top of my measurements because of clothing, so I tend to measure ...too often for my own good. Ahaha.

Old measurements from the 10th of this month:
Bust: 39" (99cm)
Waist: 36" (92cm)
Hips: 45.5" (116cm)

Measurements from this morning:
Bust: 38" (97cm)
Waist: 35.5" (90cm)
Hips: 45" (114cm)

The fact I lost an inch off my bust, and half an inch off my waist and hips in TWENTY DAYS is...just amazing to me. I'm getting so much smaller than my scale numbers are reflecting. I got a pair of size 14 jeans up onto my hips. I couldn't come close to buttoning them or zipping them up. But they got onto my HIPS. My gigantic hips! I have to dig around for some old pairs of 15's and 16's I have and see if they fit/how close they are to fitting.

A shirt I got sometime last summer doesn't fit anymore. Not really, anyhow. It hangs off me in THE MOST unflattering way you could imagine. My workout shirts (Which are very cute and I wear as regular clothing when it's too warm out) are getting a bit big, too!


Lilies in my Cereal said...

yay!!! I'm glad to read about success! I haven't been on blogger for a month and am glad to see you are doing well! Keep it up! :)

Astrid said...

It's so great to see you back! I missed your posts while you were gone!