Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weigh-in Jan 25, 2012

Previous weigh in: 202.5
Today's weigh in: 201.2
Which means: loss of 1.3lbs
Body fat %: 38.7 (down .2% from last time)
BMI: 36.8 (severely obese) (down .1% from last time)

Another 1.3lbs loss. Creepy! I've been busy. Running here, running there. Short recap of my time:
Working, per usual. This week's actually very light, but that means other things have been done.
Had a doc's appointment (at a low income clinic)
Got on birth control pills, so I've been absolutely miiiiseraaaableee lately.
Been spending a LOT of time with Prince T.

Now. I've ate at least 3 times a day all month so far! That's a good thing.

I started January at 203.8lbs. That makes a 2.6lbs loss for the month so far. I'm behind on my 5lbs goal per month. That's okay, honestly. It's secondary to the healthier habits I'm trying to make right now.

Saving for a car. Found my dream car. (A VW Jetta. Used. Green. Lovely. Want it.) It's going to be about $3k after taxes and such. I will have this car.

These pills made me extremely nauseous yesterday. I'm going to have just toast for breakfast today, just in case. If I feel well enough by lunch time, I'll have a light but more substantial lunch. If I still feel alright by dinner time, I'll have a real dinner. And not just a repeat of lunch or breakfast. I have a bottle of extra stength Tums and a bottle of extra strength Excedrine. I'll be good.

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Lilies in my Cereal said...

Congrats on the loss! I hope you get the car you are dreaming of!!