Thursday, September 9, 2010

I cannot believe how exhausted I am from working. I've only worked two days this week so far and already clocked in sixteen hours, and I work again on Sunday for another eight hours. I am full time, so after my training is done, I'll be getting minimum of 35 hours a week (my manager told me he'd get me as close to 40 as he possibly could). Because I hurt so bad and I'm just so tired after work, though, I don't walk home. I call my dad and beg him to take me home.  I do walk to work and I am on my feet literally the whole time, so I don't think this makes me lazy. Haha.

These days have entirely screwed up my eating schedule, though. I used to actually eat breakfast for a while. I quit entirely since I started working. Why? Because I've been waking up at 6AM to make it to work wide awake and dressed by 8AM. I can't eat that early in morning. In fact, my stomach doesn't accept the idea of eating until about 9am or 10am.

So. I am sitting here, eating the everloving crap out of a sandwich because I haven't had anything but tea and a Sierra Mist today. I am starving and broken, but completely happy to have a job.


Lilies in my Cereal said...

I can understand that! See if you can get shoes sometime that will have shock absorption like Nikes or Crocs or something like that.

I came up with a plan of steam broccoli in the microwave right after I get out of the shower so when I get dressed it will be ready for me to eat so I can have at least something before I go to work.

You should try to eat breakfast... it might become routine.

Astrid said...

I physically can't eat breakfast with how early I've been going to work. I used to take perscription anti-nausea medication right in the morning when I was in school, butI ran out of that. Even if I still had it, I walk in the sunlight and I'll end up collapsing. Haha. I makes me super dizzy.

I should start getting scheduled in at 10 or 11 at earliest soon, since this is just training for me and these are weird hours for a line cook to go in. They've been setting me up at least two hours before a normal worker would go in. Once that happens, I'll be able to get some food in me before work.