Sunday, September 5, 2010

I'm thinking I should just move my weigh in day to Sunday, seeing as I always get too busy on Saturday to do much of anything in the online world.

Anyhow, I weighed in at 211.5 today. That's a gain of a pound and a half. THat's okay by mue. Weight fluctuations, mayb e I did something a little bit wrong that I shouldn't have, maybe I didn't walk enough, drink enough water. Etc. It's alright and I can get over it and do better this week.

Now that I have a job, the roommate and I were looking at gyms to join. We found a really fantastic one that is not only huge, offers lots of nice classes, is open all the time, has amazing equipment AND a really nice staff...But is super afforadable! So, once I get paid and I can afford some gym clothes and the membership fee, I'll be signing up and going!

My new job iiis..Line cook! Yep, I'm cooking for a living, at a real restaurant now. I'm really, really excited and so far I like most of the people there. I also like I'm allowed to dye my hair whatever color I want and get tattoos, something that wasn't allowed at my old job. I held off on dying my hair until I got a new job, just to make sure I could actually GET a job and to make sure it was alright with the company or the owner.

The place is within walking distance, so yep. You got it. I walk to work everyday. It's a mile there and a mile back, if I walk back. I won't be walking back after sunset and I won't be walking in the dead of winter, I hope.

Also, I was considering doing that Special K challenge thing. I'm not sure I'm expecting it to do much of anything for me, really. I don't have high hopes for it. But I do love the cereal and the bars, and I would like an excuse to eat that cereal all the time. My roommate said she'd chip in for the prices of everything if she could share the cereal; she loves it, too.

Tha's all from me!~


Lilies in my Cereal said...

So Cool!!!! I wish my job would allow for me to have my hair pink! That's great that it's in walking distance. One of my sisters lost weight from walking to and from work. I'm not sure about the special k challenge. Just make sure some vegetables are thrown in somewhere. :)

Astrid said...

I asked if crazy colors like blue and purple were okay and my manager toldme since my hair would be under a hat, she really didn't care what it looked like as long as it was neat and clean. =) When I was at my old job, walking to and from work helped me lose a good bit of weight, but it was half the distance of walking. I'm hoping that since I'll get double the walking in, I'll be able to lose the weight again back down to my low and then breech into weights I haven't been since middle school. On the Special K challenge, maybe I should make a post about that. I started takling about it and it ended up pretty long!

Lilies in my Cereal said...

Weights are a good thing to try. All my male friends have been saying to not go too crazy you want to lose fat first and then build muscle when you are getting close to the size you want to be. So it looks like you have the right idea. I'm about to read your special k challenge post. :)