Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I need a car. I know walking is good for me. I know that. But I'm not walking in the dark, I'm not working after a ten hour shift and I don't expect Mik to walk home from about ten miles away.

Hopefully after I get some bills paid off, I can buy a car and then I can save up for a house. Oh yeah, a house. Can't get that without the car, though. I doubt dad would continue to let me borrow his if I didn't live with him anymore.


Lilies in my Cereal said...

I guess if there is public transportation you might want to try that until you get one.

Astrid said...

The buses by my house only goes the opposite direction of work. Haha. Mik takes the bus to work (she works a few towns away)and I pick her up if she's out after the buses stop running.