Monday, January 21, 2013

Weigh-In : January 21st, 2013

Previous weigh in: 174.5lbs
Today's weigh in: 171.9lbs
Which means: loss of  2.6lbs
BMI: 31.4

I didn't post yesterday on account of not even being home. This also had to wait until I got home from work today. I weighed in this morning and set up the post, but didn't fully flesh it out or post until afterwards.

But wow. That loss. How did that even happen? I ate like crap this week. I doubt Saturday's excursion to pastryland was shown in this weigh in. I guess I'll have to see next week if this stuck of if I'll be that much closer to 50lbs lost since the beginning of this blog.

Also, I do know that BMI is not an accurate indicator of anything. But we all do know that a lot of doctors still like to wave that number around. So I'd like to know at which point my doctor will look at my weight and not say "WELP, still fat!". And that's pretty much the only reason I'm keeping track of BMI here. I don't actually care much for the number. I actually don't even care much for my weight, either. I mean, it's totally exciting when I see that I've lost weight. And it's really cool to be able to say, "Yeah, I've lost like 100lbs since high school" when people ask me. Or to say "I lost about 30lbs last year" when my brother comments that I've been looking better later.

What I care about most is my health and my measurements. That's the coolest part of losing weight; I've gained health and also the ability to wear more of the clothes I love. Also, my body is getting a big more of a shape than previously. I'm still pretty solidly in the pear shape category, but I'm loving the further definition between my waist and my bust. I'm starting to look pretty good naked, if I do say so myself. Then again, I never really minded myself naked, so.

I've been too lazy to upload my photos. I'll get around to that sometime soon. C has been begging me for the chocolate porn that is contained within that SD card.

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