Thursday, April 2, 2009

Aaah ;-;

Work was...not fun. But aside from that, today was pay day AND pay rent day.

I ate a bad breakfast of four absolutely gigantic chicken strips and a little cup of macaroni and cheese. Drank tea with it. Lunch was soon after and was a cup of apples and grapes. I didn't nibble at work much. I had a mini burger with cheese and a little mayo at some point and then after that I kind of started polishing off the cucumber slices we never use before they went icky.

Ome, my roommate, made dinner tonight, which was absolutely awesome and very appreciated. They were big mannicotti type things with riccotta cheese inside and herbs, smothered in garlic and onion tomato sauce. I had coke zero with it, since I brought it from work. She also made dessert, which consisted of English muffins with strawberryand caramel icecream and cool whip.

I got a ride to hobby Lobby this morning, which is across from work, but I walked from there to Walmartand then from Walmart to work. Didn't walk home, it was after dark.

No calorie count, but I'm guessing I went over. Probably in the 1,800-2,000 range right now for today. Week's, I'm estimating so far, is about ...too high. I'll start counting from today.

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