Saturday, April 4, 2009

Maybe good?

Yesterday, I didn't eat breakfast, but I did have a reasonable lunch at work,which was surprising.I had three turkey slices on a slice of wheat bread with a little mayo, some lettuce, and honey mustard. I also had a slice of toast with cream cheese. ANd a tiny amount of fries that came with the sandwich. For a mini-dessert, I had some candied walnuts. Drank Coke Zero all day.

For dinner, I went out to eat at a Chinese buffet,which means I did a lot of bad things and ate way too much. But I told myself to stop once I got fairly stuffed, even though I knew I could have ate more. I made sure to eat a lot of fruit as my dessert, and I also ate quite a bit of baked fish. So I kind of balanced it, even though I know that doesn't fully make up for all that I ate.

This morning, I'm actually having a real breakfast, which is fairly shocking, especially on my day off. I'm having two pieces of wheat toast with honey peanut butter and some more honey, four small rashers of bacon, and two fried eggs with cheese on them. I'll eat a lot lighter for lunch.We might have steak tonight, grilled.

Estimated calorie count for breakfast- 550-700.


We went to Walmart and got dinner supplies,and a little 150calorie portion of ice cream.I also drank half a Starbucks doubleshot thing. I'm assuming my halkf was about 150 calories,too. So I'm estimating 300 calories for that.

Dinner was great.Grilled steak with baked potatoes and some grilled salmon. And we had some laughing cow cheese on crackers before hand. I'm assuming the total calorie count for dinner was about 800calories.

Count for the day: 1,800. Not what I wanted, but not as badly as I usually eat.So hurrah for me.

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