Monday, April 6, 2009


I got really hungry before break, so I ate a little cup portion of apples and grapes to tide me over. Which is a good thing, because I usually go overboard on break when I'm starving. I didn't have fish for lunch, though. I had a turkey sandwich on wheat bread with mayo, honey mustard, lettuce, and some cheese. No fries this time. I had applesauce. Drank iced tea with sugar, not sweetener, as I don't like the aftertaste. Going to guess 500 for this total.

Came home (walked) and I'm drinking some Life Water, the dragon fruit flavor. The whole bottle is about 125calories.

Breakfast plus lunch and this drink will total to 1,125 calories. Not bad, but I'm getting close to my limit. I think we're having stir fry for dinner. If not, we'll have something similar.

I'm tempted to eat the left over mac and cheese as a snack, but I think dinner will be soon. Thing is, though, I'm pretty hungry.

Maybe I'll just have that light cheese spread with a few crackers. That'd bring me up to about 1,200-1,250.

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