Monday, April 6, 2009

Lunch + dinner + today's breakfast

I had Subway for lunch yesterday, with a cup of water. It was a turkey and pepperoni sub with a few other veggies and stuff thrown in.Gonna assume it was about 500-600 calories (it was a footlong). Hung out with my friends for a few hours after we had lunch (which was kind of late for me, considering I didn't get a break at work because I only worked a few hours).

Ome made dinner last night. Baked hot wings and some mac and cheese. I didn't really eat as much as I normally would have, considering I had actually ate during the day. Going to assume the amount I consumed was about 700 or so calories.

So, about 1,600 calories for the day yesterday. Not bad at all!

Today, I'm having two honey whole wheat bagels with fat free cream cheese and strawberry fruit spread and a handful of sweet petites baby carrots. Breakfast today is running along the lines of 400-500 calories. Going to say 500 for the sake of argument.

I might have fish for lunch today. I've been craving it and it's one of the healthiest things to eat at work. I'll update you guys later when I get home.

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