Thursday, April 2, 2009


Didn't eat well today, either. Sigh. Had the last of the breadsticks for lunch and then I slept for a few hours. Ome brought me a sandwich from McDonald's; a double cheese with onion and extra cheese.It was yummy. XD For dinner, I had a little bowl of cottage cheese, a wheat toast sandwich with low cal mayo, a slice of cheese and some panchetta. I had another sandwich with the same, except instead of panchetta, it had slices of Portuguese sausage. Drank some sweet tea all day. Had a white Russian before bed.

Bust - 43in.
Under bust/top of the ribcage-40in.
Natural waist- 44in
Largest part of my stomach- 49
Hips- 50
Thighs- 24 and a half
Arms- 11 and a half.

As you can see,no changes.

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