Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I ended up not snacking last night and just had dinner. It was fairly delicious; strip steak, grilled, and cut up into a whole wheat hotdog bun with some BBQ sauce. I had butter and garlic rice on the side. I'd say the total calorie amount for yesterday was about 1,900 or so. Not that fantastic...

Especially when you consider that I did a bad thing and had a late night snack of left over hot wings and the left over mac and cheese. =/

Today I did a little better. Barely.

I had one and a half bagels today; one half with that strawberry stuff,and one whole bagel with honey peanut butter. I also had a small bowl of Nestum, which is a wheat cereal that's made and sold primarily in Portugal. I had the original (honey) flavor. I might order some chocolate flavor on the internet soon. It's my favorite. Breakfast was likely around 600calories.

Lunch was fairly small. I had two mini slider burgers with cheese and a small amount of fries. I also had about half of a small mocha milk shake. Probably somewhere around 400 calories,considering how little I actually ended up eating of my lunch.

I had a snack after I got home and played DDR (burned about 160calories~). The snack was a few crackers with two wedges of laughing cow cheese. Total calories for that wasmaybe about 150 calories.

So far, the total is 1,150 or so. Not bad, but damned close to my limit. I'm having stir fry for dinner. It'llbe pretty good and will bring my total up to about 1,500calories.

Likely won't have any dessert.

I only drank water and Coke Zero. I don't like Coke, at all,but the fast food place I work at only offers Coke products. Sigh.


LTL. said...

Okay, so... I'm 100% Portuguese and practically squealed when I saw Nestum. I used to eat that as a kid! There's a million little Portuguese markets where I live and they sell it there. Now I have this incessant need to pick some up!

Astrid said...

Oh luuucky!! I live in the mid-west, though I used to live on the east coast. My dad sent me some chourico a few weeks ago and I squealed and nearly cried when I saw he'd picked me up not only really good chourico, but my favorite.

Nestum isn't really that bad for you, I think, especially since if you eat only a little, you'll get pretty full. I love the stuff and I picked up a box last time I visited my parents.