Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Plans and rewards

I've decided to start using the workout mode on DDR to my advantage. On days I don't work, I'll reach my calories burned goal (150) on DDR three times in the day. Doesn't matter if I do this all throughout the day, or all at once. Just gotta do it. On days I work short hours, I'll play DDR twice. On average days, once. On my one long day a week, I get to sit and do nothing.

As a reward for following this, at the end of the day (except on that one long work day), I'll either eat two small pieces of chocolate (the ones that are already divided up but stuck together? Those.) or I'll have a hot cocoa. Whichever I'm more in the mood for. Sure, I know it kind of negates things, but it's a good start to getting me into good habits. I'm sure eventually I won't need the rewards as motivation for playing a game I like, anyway.

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